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                                     FIRST  BAPTIST   TAVARES   

  Wednesday Night


A Group of dedicated people praying for the specific needs of the Church, the community and individuals. Facilitated by Edgar (Buddy) Lear.            

Every Wednesday 6:00 PM

The Divine Defense
 by Robert Jeffress

"The Divine Defense" outlines six practical strategies you can use through every day to defeat Satan's vicious and destructive plan: Recognize and replace destructive thoughts.  Do what you know you should do.  Make God's business your business.  Move forward in spite of doubts.  Remember your power to win. Strengthen your resolve to resist Together, these strategies.   Form "The Divine Defense "that will help you live victoriously in the unshakable power of God.     

Every Wednesday 6:00 PM

Pressing On To Maturity
Study Of Hebrews


Pressing On to Maturity. The primary focus of this letter to believers is to press on to spiritual maturity.  For anyone serious about their spiritual growth, both the Epistle to the Romans and the Epistle to the Hebrews are absolutely essential to thoroughly understand.

Every Wednesday 6:00 PM

Women's  Ministry 

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